What is a Las Vegas Casino Comp?

To comp is to provide free, and it is a long-standing tradition in Las Vegas. In fact, one of the most common Vegas promotions is to provide free room and board and even airfare just to get in you in the door. But Las Vegas casinos are also legendary for lavishing their best customers with a wide array of gifts and other benefits. If you go to a casino and spend, eventually they will notice, and then take steps to keep you there and coming back.Continue Reading

Time for Family When Professionally Playing Poker

Poker is one of the most celebrated games across the world. Poker players have erratic working hours and busy schedules. This might lead to neglecting the family and it may affect the social life of players. How can players strike a balance? What are the ways of spending time with the family? These questions generally harrow most of the players all the while. This article may be of some help as it lists some great advice for poker players.Continue Reading

What is Draw Poker?

Draw poker can be defined as any particular kind of poker variation where the player is dealt with a full hand just before the first round of betting, then develops his hand by the ‘drawing’ or replacing of cards. There are various kinds of betting structures and in home games it is not unusual to use an ante with betting always beginning with the player seated at the dealer’s left. In casino play however, the betting structure called blinds is used more often.Continue Reading

Strategy for Online Casino Games

Many online casino games are merely based on chance while others actually require skill and strategy.  The chance games offer the appeal of simplicity as all you do is click a few buttons and hope that you are lucky enough to win. Some of the most popular examples are slots and roulette. Players who opt for these games are often intimidated by their more strategic counterparts. If you have been hesitant to play the more skillful casino games, we are here to tell you that a little strategy could be worth your while.Continue Reading

What is Casino Hold’em?

Casino Hold’em is a card game that puts a unique spin on the popular poker variant Texas Hold ‘em.  The game was created by Stephen Au-Yeung in 2000, first going live in the casinos of Egypt, Russia and South Africa.  Today, it is played in more than hundred land-based casinos around the world and a countless number of online casinos.Continue Reading